Want the best looking Christmas decorations on the block? Decorating the outside of your business or home may seem like a daunting task, but with the right decorations and installation technique, it can make a huge impact on your 4th quarter business or that special time with your loved ones.

Christmas lights and other holiday decorations are notorious for being poorly manufactured and unreliable. Our Christmas lights are commercial grade, with greater durability and quality than our competitors.

However, should you experience problems with our lights, our Light Smart Maintenance Program is the solution!

Christmas by Zenith will check and maintain your decorations throughout the season to guarantee your Christmas wishes come true. The Christmas Season is short, but an extremely important time of the year for you. A poorly designed or installed Christmas display will never produce the outcome you envisioned.

Our Light Smart Maintenance Program is built around your needs. We can monitor your project on a daily or weekly basis.

What exactly does monitoring entail? We pledge to inspect your lighting display several times during the week.
If we see a bulb or strand of lights out we will repair it on the spot.

Christmas lights and rain do not mix well. After a heavy rain most companies will charge a service fee to come and repair any lights damaged by the rain. Not us! We will repair at no additional charge.

Strong winds and Christmas displays do not mix well. While most companies charge for repairs after a strong wind Christmas by Zenith does not! We will repair at no charge to you.

Timer issues are the pits. We will reset any timers and replace if not working properly. You don’t even have to turn on the lights! It’s that simple!

Christmas is a time to be “HAPPY” and Christmas by Zenith can deliver “HAPPY.” Our goal is to take the hassle out of holiday decorating. Let us handle it for you! We are the pros!